Soybean processing industry will increase the standard of living of farmers Umarkhed :- About 57 Acres


Soybean processing industry will increase the standard of living of farmers

Umarkhed :- About 57 Acres

The Sneha Gold Protein Industry at Ganjegaon near Dhanki, which is being built on the site, will be a boon for thousands of farmers in Yavatmal district and Nanded and Hingoli districts and will raise the standard of living of the farmers. The company will benefit the farmers who produce soybeans in the entire district of Yavatmal, Nanded, Hingoli. The factory will need about 3 lakh tons of soybeans per year Mr
Govardhan, the project head of the company, while talking to our representative, said that the company will have a storage capacity of 50 thousand of soybeans , so that no farmer will be left with soybeans for lack of sale, and the farmers will get a good price. The feed will be mainly used for poultry farming and the by-product soybean oil will be produced here. With this the economy and well-being will increase and due to this, good effect will be seen in the social and educational sector.

Technicians will also get employment
Farmers’ soybeans will get a good price due to which the standard of living of the farmers will be raised, their economic well-being will increase, and due to this, there will be a good effect on the social and educational sector. Local youth will get employment opportunities for marketing and in various positions. Apart from this, many young men and women will be required as office staff. Sneha Gold Company will be run according to all the government rules and policies and a separate feeder of the Electricity Distribution Board will be installed here from Umarkhed and a separate water pipe line will come and all the operations of the company will be as per the rules.
The allegations leveled against us by some people in Dhanki are baseless while strictly following. The company has bought about 22 to 25 acres of land and we intend to generate electricity by installing a solar power plant in it. In this area of ​​80 to 85 acres, the company’s factory unit, office, staff residence and large amount of trees will be planted. The whole area will be transformed.

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